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Viatge a Mart. Relat coral per a un altre món possible


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Before writing this book, its authors had just one idea in mind, which was to reflect on two major concepts: the future and the journey. The result is an essay of essays and a voice of voices. In it you’ll find poems, songs, various languages beating at once, portraits and landscapes, drawings, definitions, prologues, family stories and personal stories.

The crew is made up of ten creators, activists and thinkers, and ten young migrants, wards and former wards of state. Taking as their basis the CCCB’s exhibition "Mars. The Red Mirror" (2021), they organized themselves into missions, each made up of two creators and two youths, and started to weave words to piece together a vocabulary of the future that will serve to review our present. Viatge a Mart. Relat coral per a un altre món possible ('Journey to Mars. A Collective Story for Another Possible World') is the result of the entire process, which, at the same time, aims to narrate the lived experience, the shared days and the accumulated questions.

29 €

Authors: Youssef Aboud, Youssef Amelal, Youssef Ben Iazza, Mohamad Bitari, Alpha Omar Diallo, Mamadou Tafsir Diallo, Denise Duncan, Ismail El Hachlaf, Mohamed El-Qadiry, David Fernàndez, Adriano Galante, Blanca Haddad, Míriam Hatibi, Miquel Missé, Omar Oudaay, Tanit Plana, Martí Sales, Lucía Serra, Blanca Llum Vidal, Manal Zardouk, Aya Zuidi

Publication year: 2022

Pages: 204

Dimensions: 16,5 × 21,5 cm.

ISBN: 978-84-1869-304-5 (català, castellano)

Edicions Poncianes

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