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The exhibition as seen by...

Eloy Fernández Porta, Bel Olid, Najat El Hachmi, Miquel Missé and Tania Adam

Courses and workshops

Series of guided tours of the "FEMINISMS!" exhibition by people who have reflected on the issues around feminisms and who give their personal point of view on the exhibits.

The feminisms of today’s world are plural, as reflected in the exhibition. That’s why the CCCB has invited five people who’ve pondered on the issues to give a free-style guided tour of the exhibition, stopping to talk about the points or pieces they find most interesting. It’s a different way to visit “Feminisms!” alongside people who offer their own perspective.

5 November
Eloy Fernández Porta
Gender: norm, anomaly and progress

12 November
Bel Olid 
One for all? All for one

26 November
Najat El Hachmi
Feminism: universal legacy or colonial domination?

3 December
Miquel Missé
Trans Outsiders? Looking for yourself in the mirror of feminist art
Sold out

10 December
Tania Adam
I was brought up to be like a woman’s supposed to be

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