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Kosmopolis 2015

8th Amplified Literature Fest

Kosmopolis is a biennial festival that since 2002 has defended an open—amplified—concept of literature in which the word (oral, printed, electronic) interacts with the arts and sciences. It is a festival for discovering authors and genres, questioning the canon and the boundaries between disciplines, and explaining the futures of books and reading.

The full programme of the festival will be announced in mid-February 2015.

In this coming edition, we’ll be looking at new journalistic narratives and the evolution of investigative journalism, there’ll be a central space about the influence of the writer W. G. Sebald in today’s literature, and we’ll be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland.

There are new features in the festival’s special sections, too: Kosmopolis Bookcamp, devoted to the world of books and publishing, from Thursday to Saturday, will be exploring the limits and possibilities of the book from different viewpoints. And Canal Alfa, the audiovisual programme inspired by literature, is back, stronger than ever, with two outstanding new features: the daily premiere of an evening feature film showing and a whole Sunday devoted to TV series of great literary quality. 

The full programme of this year's edition is already available here:

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These have been five days of high intensity where we have been joined by over 8,900 people. Five days of literary exchanges, of debates on the future of journalism, on Europe, on the legacy of W. G. Sebald and the anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. We have enjoyed the attendance by over 150 ...

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Previous activities

The Jinx – S01 | E01

HBO / Andrew Jarecki, Marc Smerling, Zachary Stuart-Pontier

American Spleen: Mad Men and Women

Raquel Crisóstomo and Enric Ros

Girls - S04 | E09 «Daddy Issues»

HBO / Lena Dunham, Jenni Konner, Judd Apatow

Mozart in the Jungle - S01 | E01 Pilot [Premiere]

Amazon Studios / Roman Coppola, Jason Schwartzman, Alex Timbers

Show more

Backstrom - S01 | E04 «I Am a Bird Now» [Premiere]

Fox / Hart Hanson

SERIAL or Investigative Journalism, Podcast Version

Carles Bosch, Marc Pastor and Serielizados

Escríbeme una serie [Premiere]

Aitor Gabilondo, Javier Olivares and Isabel Vázquez

Olive Kitteridge - S01 | E01 «Pharmacy»

Laura Baena

Las series que surgieron del frío

Sebald Family Workshop. An artistic approach to the work and the ways of Sebald

Gonzalo Elvira and Rafa Castañer (GR)

Borgen - S01 | E01 “Virtue is at the Centre”

Danmarks Radio / Adam Price

Quirke - S01 | E01 «Christine Falls»

BBC / John Alexander, Andrew Davies

From Game of Thrones to Serial Poetry: Welcome to a New Season

Luna Miguel, Unai Velasco and Sergio Espinosa

Hoda Barakat, Jordi Puntí and Alida Bremer. Presents: Misia Sert

Europe in Translation – The Schwob/Finnegan’s List Project

Enhanced Books

Ferran Adell (UOC)

Bookshops and Survival Strategies

Abel Cutillas (La Calders), Alejo Cuervo (Gigamesh), Nicolás Weber (Re-Read) and Fe Fernández Villaret (L’espolsada Llibres). Moderator: Martín Gómez (

Online Narratives in The Media

Ricard Marfà (Ara Interactius), César Vallejo (Lab RTVE), Ferran Clavell (TV3 – Mitjans digitals). Moderator: Carles Sora (UPF)

The Book: from Print to Pixel. The State of Play

Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)

Cristina Rivera Garza and Camille de Toledo

The Sebaldian Legacy in The 21st Century

Mina Holland

Literature and Gastronomy: from Lewis Carroll to Arundhati Roy

Citizenfour [Pre-premiere]

Laura Poitras

The Dilemmas of Self-publishing. To Publish or To Be Published?

Benjamín Recacha, Daniel Jerez Torns, Julián Bueno Ardila (Llibres a mida), Carles Pujol (Editorial Alrevés). Moderator: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)

Alicia, Ilaica, Liacia: Tangled Stories of Light

Pol Ducable, Marc Egea, Carles Belda and Jordi Vallverdú. Presents: Marta García-Matos

Maria Rodés and Nico Roig. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

The Stomach of the Writers (3). Do you wolf down music or are you a word gourmet?

Why We Like Being Told Stories?

Jose Valenzuela Ruiz (UPF)

From Intuitive Publishing to Analytical Publishing Using Big Data

Pepe Verdes (Manuscritics)

Innovation in Libraries

Carme Fenoll (Biblioteques de la Generalitat), Maribel Riaza, Carme Galve (Biblioteca Jaume Fuster) and Albert Díaz (Centre de Documentació del Museu del Disseny de Barcelona). Moderator: Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)

The Looking Glass House

Vanessa Tait

Carles Capdevila

Seven Reasons for Believing in a Great Future for Journalism

Kérity, la casa dels contes

Dominique Monféry

Teen Talk: When Reality Is Stranger Than Fiction

Habitació 1418

Jon Lee Anderson and Martín Caparrós

Wars and Hunger

Jorge Franco (videoconferencing), Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez and Ricardo Reitano

Session of The Bcn-Medellín International Reading Club


Jesús Cruz

New Business Models in The Publishing Industry: Abundance of Content, Forms of Access and Revenue Generation

Carmen Ospina (Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial)

For No Good Reason

Charlie Paul

Intellectual Property in The Digital World

Pascual Barberán (Barberán and González Abogados) - Videoconferencing

What Would You Say to Lewis Carroll?

Pupil collectives

How to Make The Most of Subscription Book Services

Julieta Lionetti (24symbols)

Rachel Kushner and Eduardo Lago

The Speed of Fiction

The Contract You Should Never Sign

Carmenchu Buganza (Aequitas Abogados Asociados)

Bohdan Piasecki

Poetry Slam Workshop

Laura Borràs

The Canon of Literary Modernity: The Electronic Literature Collection

Start-ups and Consolidated Publishers. A Necessary Collaboration

Santos Palazzi (Planeta), Blanca Rosa (Roca Editorial), Rosa Sala (Seebook) and Jordi Ingerto (Book Movies). Moderator: Javier Celaya (Dosdoce)

Marjana Gaponenko, Abbas Khider and Klaus Hübner. Moderator: Jordi Soler

Adopting a Language. Winners of Germany’s Adelbert von Chamisso Prize

Eduardo Lago

Ways of Wrapping Up The Void: from The Infinite Jest to Inland Empire

Strategies for The Distribution of e-books on The Internet

Margarita Guerrero (Bookwire)

Apps and Literature

Efrén García (Play Creatividad), Quim Garreta (Cubus Games), Emma Llensa (Ubicuo Studio) and Marga M. Garriga (Sanoen). Moderator: Carles Sora (UPF)

Book Fairs and Festivals as Scenarios for Business and Public Relations

Víctor Hurtado (Agencia Literaria VicLit)

Alice in Wonderslam: Gran Slam Barcelona

Bohdan Piasecki, Nilson Muniz, Isa García, Michael James Parker, Salva Soler, Diego Mattarucco, Kristoph Horvath, Jee Kast, Seis en raya and Set sentits. Presenter: Payaso Manchego. Dj: Dive Dibosso

Bel Olid and Borja Bagunyà. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

The Stomach of the Writers (2). Can’t Catalan literature stomach excess?

Alberto Manguel

Alice and The Dreams of Reason

Gabo, The Magic of Reality [PREMIERE]

Justin Webster

Robert Coover and Màrius Serra

Mirroring Myths and Dogmas

David Grossman and Carles Torner

Sebald and Grossman: Parallel Ambitions

Patience (After Sebald)

Grant Gee

Cristina Rivera Garza

Workshop in Documentary Writing and Disappropriation

Independent Publishers in Time: New-born, Young and Established

Laura Baena (Edicions de 1984), Daniel Osca (Sajalín), Laura Huerga Ayza (Raig Verd Editorial) and Gabriel Bravo (Editorial Morsa). Moderator: Martín Gómez (

Online Reading Platforms

Matilde Sanz (Nubico), Julieta Lionetti (24symbols), Sílvia Clemares (Kobo) and David Fernández (Lektu). Moderates: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)

Tools for Constructing Online Digital Narratives

Anna Giralt (

Innovation and Digital Narratives for Writers and Editors

Nathan Hull (Mofibo)

New Influencers: Who’s Telling us What to Read?

Javier del Puerto (, Jenn Díaz (@JnnDiaz), Bernat Ruiz Domènech ( and Carles A. Foguet (Jot Down). Moderator: Mariana Eguaras (Mariana Eguaras Consultoría Editorial)

What Is a Literary Agent and What do They Do?

Roser Herrera Fayos (Agencia Literaria Letras Propias)

Unai Velasco and María Folguera. Moderator: Jordi Nopca. Stage direction: Marc Caellas

The Stomach of the Writers (1). The spiritual food of a poet and a playwright

William T. Vollmann and Juan Francisco Ferré

Literature on The Edge

The Double

Richard Ayoade

Alberto Manguel, Jesús Fernández Álvarez and Neus Castellano

Night-time Libraries, Daytime Reading

Paolo Giordano and Llucia Ramis

Family Microcosms

Santiago Alberto Gutiérrez and Herman Montoya

Transatlantic Readings

Arts i oficis: Edició literària [ESTRENA]

Lau Delgado

Vinicio Capossela. Accompanied by Dimitris Mistakidis and Valeria Bergalli

Vinicio Capossela’s Greek Ledger

Javier Cercas and Mathias Enard

Literature and Imposture


Andrea Segre

Juan Marsé, Josep Maria Cuenca and Jorge Herralde

A Narrator, a Biographer and a Publisher

Taiye Selasi and Xavier Aldekoa

The Afropolitan Condition


Richard West

Kosmopolis 2015. Hackathon for developers

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