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Xcèntric 2021

Xcèntric, the CCCB’s cinema, turns 20 this year. Challenging the traditional canon of experimental film and openness to other marginalized voices will be some of the leading threads of the 2021 programme, highlighting films directed by women, made outside Europe and the United States, and pedagogical and ethnographic cinema.

March Program (PDF | Mobile)

March Program (PDF | Print)

Programa April (PDF | Mobile)

Programa April (PDF | Print)

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Stacey Steers. «Edge of Alchemy» by Mariana Freijomil

Film available until September 30

Mariana Freijomil, film critic and professor, presents Edge of Alchemy by Stacey Steers. Based on Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein and appropriating the image of two great silent film actresses, the filmmaker Stacey Steers questions how women are represented in the film industry and specifically Hollywood.

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The Sky of The Future

Lucía Salas

The internet is often the only way to access large chunks of a hidden history of film that is in danger of being forgotten.

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A Mov(i)e

A workshop on audiovisual creation from the body