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Xcèntric 2021

Argentine experimental cinema. Illustrated talk by Pablo Marín


Free with pre-booking

Critic and filmmaker Pablo Marín presents an illustrated talk and two programmes on Argentine experimental cinema with works from the 1970s and the present, the two most significant periods in Argentina’s cinema. The films in these sessions stand out for their formal and political radicalism, reflecting the society of the time.

As in many of the region’s countries, the history of Argentina’s experimental cinema is actually a compendium of several stories, mostly isolated from each other, where each chapter follows the previous one based on a new perspective but prolonging a certain sensibility regarding the medium of film. Taking as its starting point the two sessions that cover the most important evolutionary journey in the history of Argentine experimental cinema (from the 1970s to the present), the talk will reconstruct a possible chronology of first-person cinematic thought created in this country by focusing on certain technological turning points and major films but also on isolated figures and recently discovered works which have unquestionably had a secret and silent influence on the development of  a never-ending experimental tradition.

Participants: Pablo Marín

This activity is part of Xcèntric 2021

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