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Xcèntric 2021

The Sky of The Future

Lucía Salas

The internet is often the only way to access large chunks of a hidden history of film that is in danger of being forgotten.

Jorge Honik. «El inmortal» and «Passacaglia y fuga» by Pablo Marín

Films available until August 31

Pablo Marín, film critic and cineaste, presents El inmortal and Passacaglia y fuga. With a Super-8 camera as his main tool, the self-taught filmmaker Jorge Honik, in collaboration with Laura Abel, has made two films in which material limitations are no obstacle to showing the epic dimensions that can be achieved by cinema.

Laida Lertxundi. «Footnotes to a House of Love» by Carlos Balbuena

June 2021

Carlos Balbuena, director and film critic, presents Footnotes to a House of Love by Laida Lertxundi. Renouncing a conventional narrative and working on the idea of love as a structural element, the filmmaker composes a series of shots in a California desert landscape in which there is a play between on frame and off frame, sound and image.

Peter Tscherkassky. "Coming Attractions" by Guillermo Triguero

May 2021

Guillermo Triguero, film critic and historian, presents Coming Attractions by Peter Tscherkassky, one of the fundamental names in found footage. Using artisanal techniques of contact copying and through meticulous work of re-signifying images, in this film the author explores the potential links between early film, experimental cinema and the world of advertising.

Jodie Mack. «Dusty Stacks of Mom» by Paula Arantzazu

April 2021

Paula Arantzazu, professor and film critic, presents Dusty Stacks of Mom: the Poster Project. Interweaving the forms of personal filmmaking, abstract animation, and the rock opera, this animated musical documentary examines the rise and fall of a nearly defunct poster and postcard wholesale business.

Teo Hernández. «Nuestra Señora de París» by Vanessa Agudo

March 2021

Vanessa Agudo, art historian, critic and film programmer, presents Nuestra Señora de París, one of Teo Hernández’s most important films. Notre-Dame cathedral provides the backdrop for an ecstatic vision: the convulsions of the camera and the frenetic editing, with loops of liturgical and noise music, break down the monument, transforming it into flashes of colour, lines and fleeting shapes.

Rose Lowder. «Bouquets 1-10» by Gloria Vilches

February 2021

Gloria Vilches, Xcèntric Coordinator, presents Bouquets 1-10, by Rose Lowder, one-minute compositions whose frames, filmed in the same area at different times, are interlaced so that each bouquet of flowers also becomes a bouquet of images. Bouquets 1-10, Rose Lowder, France, 1994-1995, 16 m...

Xcèntric. Programme March - April 2021

Between March and April 2021 we will screen films by the following filmmakers: Jean-Claude Rousseau, Margot Dias, Ruy Guerra, Thomas Harlan, Arthur and Corinne Cantrill, Sophie Michael, Manuela de Laborde, Gautam Valluri, Brigid McCaffrey, Jodie Mack, Larry Clark, Vittorio de Seta, José Val del Omar, Michael & Kenyon, Peter Nestler, Harun Farocki, Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, Alexander Kluge, Stan Brakhage, Fernand Deligny. Check the full program here.  

Xcèntric. Programme January - February 2021

Challenging the traditional canon of experimental film and openness to other marginalized voices will be some of the leading threads of the 2021 programme of Xcèntric, the cinema of the CCCB, highlighting films directed by women, made outside Europe and the United States, and pedagogical and ...