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Xcèntric 2021

Mars: warm abstraction, scientific friction

Guided visit to the Xcèntric Archive


Free with pre-booking

In parallel to the exhibition "Mars. The red mirror" and with the help of the specialist Albert Alcoz, we propose two free guided tours, to get started in experimental cinema and discover the contents of the Xcèntric Archive.

When film experimentation turns to science fiction, it often does so to subvert its codes of identity with recycling and collage. Suggesting unexplored spatial dimensions by means of animated abstraction is another of the visual strategies used in cinematographic works that offer journeys among the stars, concentrating on the universal scope of visual music.

In this guided session, we’ll discover a series of fascinating works by visual artists and experimental filmmakers that acquire new meanings in the light of the exhibition Mars. The Red Mirror (CCCB, until 11 July).

Presenters: Albert Alcoz

This activity is part of Mars, Xcèntric 2021

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