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Sunday in the Courtyard

Sunday in the Courtyard, a programme of the CCCB and Laie bookshop offers lectures, conversations and recitals, from the essay through to children’s and young people’s books, with the aim of contributing to keep our city’s cultural richness alive.

Sunday in the Courtyard, a programme of the CCCB and Laie bookshop, aims to offer activities that reflect the cultural vitality and diversity of our surroundings at a time when the spaces for cultural life have been drastically reduced but also when the need for coming together and engaging in exchanges is greater than ever.

Using the Pati de les Dones, an open space at the CCCB that has now been adapted for regularly programmed events, Sunday in the Courtyard offers activities that, informally and simply, expand the fabric of relations and projects linked with the world of books. With lectures, conversations and recitals, from the essay through to children’s and young people’s books, Sunday in the Courtyard aspires to create moments of dialogue that contribute towards keeping our city’s cultural richness alive.

The CCCB and the Laie bookshop are working together in this project to continue celebrating the transformative power of the word and literature. Stay up to date with this programme with the hashtag #diumengealpati and at the Laie website.

Previous activities

Laura Llevadot and Oriol Rosell

Thinking resisting

Lluís-Anton Baulenas and Alessandro Scarnato

Barcelona, get ugly!

Martí Domínguez and Ramon Alcoberro

Sade: enlightened dementia?

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Ricard Solé and Francis García Collado

Can robots die?

Eduard Márquez and Bernat Dedéu

The boredom and the blast

Max Besora and Eloy Fernández Porta

Bad Taste: For an ethics of ugliness and cheesiness

María Negroni and Enrique Granell

Reading and Writing: A Cabinet of Wonders

To the Lighthouse of Translation

Dolors Udina and Itziar Hernández

Living through Death

Marc Caellas, Luna Miguel and Xavier Bassas

The Rhythm of Persistence

Ignasi Julià and Josep Martín

Madness and Suspicion

Ricardo Campos, Daniel Gasol and Lola Matamala

The Invention of America

Antonio Espino and Óscar González

A World of Art Brut

Oriol Malet and Jordi Canyissà

Erotic Psychogeography

Gloria G. Duran and Manuela Buriel

The everyday strangeness

Mireia Estrada and Lurdes Vidal

Facilitate the Future

Toni Navarro, Alicia Arévalo and Federico Fernández Giordano

The Weight of the World

Lucía Lijtmaer and Laura Fernández

History, Barcelona, Stories

Albert Lladó, Juan Vico y Joan Tarrida


Marta Segarra y Eloy Fernández Porta

Vertigo, Momentum: the Swing

Javier Moscoso, Isabel Valverde and Patricia Soley-Beltrán

Border feminisms

Carolina Meloni, Mafe Moscoso and Lola Matamala

The Illustrated Library

Piu Martínez

A Life is Led

Núria Cadenes & Joan Todó

Poetry and dreams

Josep Pedrals & Enric Sòria

Coexistence, Collusion and Tattoos

Begoña Méndez, Nadal Suau, Andreu Navarra & Beatriz García Guirado

The Summer of Writing

Cristina Rivera Garza & Dunia Gras

Dark matter

Bani Brusadin, Ethel Baraona Pohl & César Reyes Nájera

Report Of A Report

Agus Morales & Anna Surinyach

The Daily Myths

Míriam Cano & Antoni Clapés

Snack culture

Carlos A. Scolari, Glòria Salvadó & Pere Ortín

The first times

Anna Gas, Laia Viñas, Pol Guasch & Jordi Nopca

A Trip To The Extreme

Jordi Cussà & Manel Ollé

Flesh, Paint, Speech

Paula Bonet & Anna Guitart

Because We Have to Die Sometimes So They’ll Pay Attention to Us

Rafa Cervera & José de Montfort

The Universe Didn’t Need to be Observed by Anyone

Helen Torres, Teresa López-Pellisa & Manuela Buriel

War of Genres!

Borja Bagunyà & Marina Espasa

The Demons of Translation

Arnau Pons & Joan Ferrarons

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