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Sunday in the Courtyard

Max Besora and Eloy Fernández Porta

Bad Taste: For an ethics of ugliness and cheesiness


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Writers Max Besora and Eloy Fernández Porta talk about the phenomenon of bad taste, cheesiness and vulgarity (made on purpose or not) that predominate in literature, music and art in general, from the most underground to the most popular and massive forms.

Concepts such as camp, kitsch, bizarre or ugliness will be some of the topics that will bring together the novelist Max Besora, who in his books cannibalizes genres and registers of both good taste and the other, and the essayist Eloy Fernández Porta, who has organized, with Carlos Pazos, the exhibition Bad Painting (Can Framis Museum). Both will debate on the subject with high doses of humor and intellectual paranoia.

La veu del seu amo (Males herbes, 2022) is the latest novel by Max Besora. The latest essay by Eloy Fernández Porta is Los brotes negros (Anagrama, 2022).

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