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Sunday in the Courtyard


Marta Segarra y Eloy Fernández Porta


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It seems clear that people are animals. However, animality is usually defined in opposition to humanity. Marta Segarra and Eloy Fernández Porta talk about how to overcome anthropocentrism.

Our species, predatory and arrogant, needs more and more to think with the other living beings on the planet. The alternatives to anthropocentrism are elaborated from the margins of thought but affect central elements of our lives and beliefs.

Marta Segarra, author of Humanimales (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2022), will talk with Eloy Fernández Porta about these emerging currents and where they could go.

Participants: Marta Segarra, Eloy Fernández Porta

This activity is part of Sunday in the Courtyard

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