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Sunday in the Courtyard

A World of Art Brut

Oriol Malet and Jordi Canyissà


Free with pre-booking

On the occasion of the publication of Un món d’art brut [A World of Art Brut] (Comanegra / Norma 2021), Oriol Malet will talk with the critic Jordi Canyissà about the relationship between comics, essays, art and the creative process.

Obsession, melancholy, sublimation, neurosis, depression... madness? The transference of words between art and mental illness is longstanding, often used when referring to great artists as well as underground currents. In the case of art brut, the relationship is even more intense and surprising. Oriol Malet delves into a hidden world to make it more accessible through a masterful use of the comic format.  

Participants: Oriol Malet

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