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Orwell Day

Wishing to return the homage that George Orwell paid to Catalonia, the CCCB has been holding Orwell Day every year since 2013. This initiative, organised by local scholars of Orwell’s work together with the CCCB, aims not only to uphold the relevance of his legacy as a journalist and, in particular, as a critical thinker but also to ensure that his message is kept up to date through contemporary voices which also struggle against dogmatism and authoritarianism while striving to defend freedom of expression.

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Ben Mauk and Manel Ollé

The Ubiquitous Eye: Digital Surveillance in Xinjiang

As part of the 2021 Orwell Day, the journalist for The New Yorker Ben Mauk, one of the few people who has been able to investigate the regime of digital surveillance deployed in the Chinese province of Xinjiang,  and Manel Ollé, expert on modern and contemporary China talk about the role of technology in future social control.

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Dorian Lynskey and Jordi Puntí

The Present Relevance of "1984"

The cultural journalist Dorian Lynskey speaks with the writer Jordi Puntí about the influence of the book 1984 in the contemporary cultural imaginary and its impact in the new generations.

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