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Orwell Day

Wishing to return the homage that George Orwell paid to Catalonia, the CCCB has been holding Orwell Day every year since 2013. This initiative, organised by local scholars of Orwell’s work together with the CCCB, aims not only to uphold the relevance of his legacy as a journalist and, in particular, as a critical thinker but also to ensure that his message is kept up to date through contemporary voices which also struggle against dogmatism and authoritarianism while striving to defend freedom of expression.

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Memories without a place

Aitor García Solé, Marta Marín-Dòmine and Queralt Solé Barjau

The Civil War and the Franco dictatorship were two of the most important events in contemporary Spanish history. However, there are no large museums that are concerned with explaining them to the new generations, and the history is dispersed and conserved in a range of museum institutions around ...

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Cas Mudde

The Far Right Today

Tthe political scientist Cas Mudde presents the main conclusions of his book The Far Right Today (in Catalan, Ultradreta, Saldonar, 2020) and will discuss these issues and recent political events in Spain with the political scientist and expert on nationalism, Umut Özkırımlı.

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Deborah Levy

With My Own Voice: Language, Literature, and the Politics of Silence