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Dia Orwell 2024

Patricia Evangelista and Patrick Radden Keefe

Reporting on a Reign of Terror


Patrick Radden Keefe speaks with the Filipino investigative journalist Patricia Evengelista on the risks of critical journalism in political contexts that threaten freedom of expression.

Patricia Evangelista, an award-winning journalist from the Philippines, specialises in the effects and trauma of political situations marked by violence and natural disasters. She has risked her life to write about the dead, the disappeared, and the families left behind in her country during the campaign of extrajudicial murder by former President Rodrigo Duterte. The conversation with Patrick Radden Keefe will focus on Patricia Evangelista’s acclaimed book, Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country (Random House, 2023), the challenges of writing about forced disappearances and state sanctioned killing, the ways in which language can be twisted by the powerful to obscure the truth, and the hazards of working as an investigative journalist in a country where reporters are murdered.

This conversation is part of the series "Fragile Truths", curated by Patrick Radden Keefe, in the framework of Resident CCCB, an international residency program of the CCCB in collaboration with the UOC.


Participants: Patrick Radden Keefe, Patricia Evangelista

This activity is part of Dia Orwell 2024, Orwell Day

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