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José Luís Peixoto and Andrés Duque

When we anticipate what is to come, we seem to be living the future in the present. We are here and, at the same time, we are anticipating what will happen tomorrow: we calculate, we predict, we imagine possibilities. This is a kabbalah that is full of imperfections and yet inevitable. As long as we live, beyond the world that lies before our eyes, we will bear with us the world we await.

Text and voice: José Luís Peixoto
Image: Andres Duque
With the participation of: Mehdi Habiby and Oussama Kacimi
Original version: Portuguese
Catalan and Spanish translation: Elm Puig Mir
English translation: Julie Wark / Elm Puig Mir

Collaborator: Literatura Random House

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20 September 2020