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A Vocabulary for the Future

What words do we need for thinking about the future? Do they serve ideas and concepts of the past or must we create new ones to name another possible world? Where will we find these words that have not yet been spoken?

“A Vocabulary for the Future” is a collective essay about the world to come, a project of creating a dialogue between thinkers, writers, and local and international visual creators to imagine together an alternative and more hospitable future. The result is more than thirty original audiovisual pieces created by the Thinking Biennale, shaping a kind of incipient cartography, a first map for exploring possible exits from this damaged present. Revolving around a particular word, each piece is a vanishing point, an open window, an invitation to think anew about the way we inhabit the world.

More than a hundred creators from different places, of varying ages, and working in a range of disciplines, including filmmakers, animators, visual artists, writers and thinkers, have taken part in this project.

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Fina Birulés, Lorena Fuster and Lur Olaizola

It’s the name of the current moment and the adjective that applies to what appears in the here and now. But it is also a gift, an offering. In this inhospitable period, the present is, perhaps more than ever, the time suspended between a now and a later, between our grief for the past ...

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Najat El Hachmi and Julia Parks

What if desire wasn’t the expression of a lack? What if the object of our desire wasn’t an object but an aggregate? What if what we desired wasn’t a person but all the moments that make them up, all the things they’ve read, all the places that live inside them? Producing something by desiring, manufacturing a unique world, a composition of elements coming together.

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"A Vocabulary for the Future" in coproduction with Institut Ramon Llull and Film London

A Vocabulary for the Future

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