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José Luís Peixoto


One of Portugal’s best-known writers. With a degree in Modern Languages and Literature from the University of Lisbon, he worked as a teacher in several schools in Lisbon and Cape Verde before beginning to write full-time. His work, often with autobiographical references and others to the history of Portugal, was recognised at the very outset of his literary career when, at the age of just 27, he was awarded the José Saramago literary prize. Since then, he has published collections of poems and several novels, among them Galveias (Literatura Random House, 2016), En tu vientre (Literatura Random House, 2020), Te’m morires (Minúscula, 2018), and the recently published Autobiografía (Literatura Random House, 2020). He has been translated into more than twenty languages.

Update: 4 May 2021


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