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Najat El Hachmi and Julia Parks

What if desire wasn’t the expression of a lack? What if the object of our desire wasn’t an object but an aggregate? What if what we desired wasn’t a person but all the moments that make them up, all the things they’ve read, all the places that live inside them? Producing something by desiring, manufacturing a unique world, a composition of elements coming together.

Text and voice: Najat El Hachmi
Direction and editing: Julia Parks
Grade: Sophie Broadgate
Featuring: Laura Noir and Jerome, Sabrina Deane, Laurie Parks, Milena Franke, Stephanie Daly, Robert Parks
Archive Footage:
Milton Pharmaceuticals and Bristol Public Health Department present 'Labour of Love’ (1961). Written and directed by Budge Cooper. Wellcome Collection.
Coca Cola Company presents “Wonder World” (1959). Prelinger Archive
Technique Film Production presents “Teeth of Steel”  (1942). Directed by Ronald H. Riley. British Council Archive
Maker unknown “Operation A-Bomb” (1953). Prelinger Archive
Original version: Catalan
Spanish translation: La Correccional
English translation: Elaine Fradley


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29 March 2022