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Llucia Ramis and Nosa Eke

To what extent has our intimacy become a commodity? Where is the outsized exaltation of subjectivity leading us? Why do we talk about oversharing intimacy? Does the unlimited circulation of information threaten our intimacy?
There are a growing number of media outlets for exhibiting our private lives; a transformation of subjectivities and new forms of being and being in the world are emerging.

Text: Llucia Ramis
Director: Nosa Eke
Producers: Andrew Oldbury & Holly Carrington
Casting Director: Stafi Samaki
Director of Photography: Toby Lloyd
1st Assistant Camera: Helena González
2nd Assistant Camera: Gule Korkmaz
Gaffer: Linda Wu
Sparks: David Zrolko & Tamas Szabo
Sound Recordist: Kathryn MacCorgarry Gray
Editor: Jon Dean
Sound Designer: Michalianna Theofanopoulou
Composer: Fernami Oguns
Grader: Toby Lloyd
Lead Performer and voice: Anita Pomario
Performers: Honey Makwana, Jonny Aubrey-Bentley, Levi Liston, Sabrina Obiago
Original version: Catalan
Spanish translation: La Correccional
English translation: Elaine Fradley


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29 March 2022