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Fina Birulés, Lorena Fuster and Lur Olaizola

It’s the name of the current moment and the adjective that applies to what appears in the here and now. But it is also a gift, an offering. In this inhospitable period, the present is, perhaps more than ever, the time suspended between a now and a later, between our grief for the past and our desperation to move on to a different time, perhaps more than ever, a frozen time. Where will hope take root now?

Text: fina Birulés and Lorena Fuster
Direction: Lur Olaizola Lizarralde
Performers: Alba Lafarga i Gemma Fontanals
Location: Medusa Estudio Barcelona
Cinematography: Artur-Pol Camprubí
Sound: Oriol Campi Solé
Editing: Lur Olaizola Lizarralde
Color: Lluís Velamaza
Graphic Design: Fran Fraca
Original version: Catalan
Spanish translation: La Correccional
English translation: La Correccional


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26 April 2022