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Andrés Duque


(Caracas, Venezuela, 1972)

His work is situated on the fringes of non-fiction with notable elements of the documentary and the essay. His productions include Life Between Worlds Not in Fixed Reality (2008), No es la imagen es el objeto (2009), Ensayo final para utopía (2012), Una película recordada (2015), and Oleg y las raras artes (2016). In 2018 he embarked on a two-part project divided between Russia and Finland. The first part Carelia: Internacional con monumento, was premiered in 2019, and he is now working on the second part, Dioses empantanados (Crónicas de Carelia). His films have received numerous prizes and awards at film festivals around the world (Punto de Vista, Cinéma du Réel, Dokufest, D’A, Unicorn Awards, Goya awards) and have been shown in cultural centres like the Reina Sofía National Art Centre, the CCCB, the MACBA, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna, the Hermitage in St Petersburg, among others.

Update: 23 September 2020


Has participated in

A Vocabulary for the Future

Continuous screening

Flashes of beauty

Xcèntric Archive

Free Radicals

Aula Xcèntric 2017

Kosmopolis 2017

Xcèntric Archive

Dress Rehearsal for Utopia

Aula Xcèntric (Xcèntric Workshop). The Dancing Death

Carnivalesque Subversion and Non-fiction Film


Presentation by Andrés Duque and David Domingo



This month, Andrés Duque

This month, Andrés Duque