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Biennal de Pensament Ciutat Oberta

A Vocabulary for the Future

Continuous screening



“A Vocabulary for the Future” is an audiovisual creation project produced for the Open City Thinking Biennale. It is composed by 14 original short films, created from the dialogue between thirty filmmakers, visual artists, writers and thinkers, both local and international. The project attempts to generate an incipient vocabulary of another possible future, a first map for exploring exits from this damaged present.

During the Biennale, there is a continous screening of the “Vocabulary” at the CCCB Hall.

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Lisa Appignanesi and Neus Ballús

Attention, if you pause to think, is not really all that far from love. What is it to hold someone dear but to be attentive to them, to focus on their needs and wants, to pay them attention? And attention is in short supply in our global networked world, packed with facts and data, and information of various kinds, some reliable, much not at all.

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Sophie Collins and Raimon Fransoy

Think about silence and all it implies. But think—now, quickly—about words and meaning.

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