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Borja Bagunyà and Rémy Bazerque

Foolishness is a pointed form of obsession, covered in sharp edges: it persists in the power of a drift and a delay. It is a political postponement―and a killjoy―of instant gratification. It is the opposite of personal branding and inflated egos. Foolishness aspires to impersonality: it settles into the membrane that separates a collective language from a private one. It begins where any consolidated identity is put on hold.

Text and voice: Borja Bagunyà
Director: Rémy Bazerque
Producer: Guillaume Prostenko
DOP: Sergei Amirdzhanov
1st AC: Oleg Shashkov i Elena Petrosyan
Executive producer: Sanj Krishnan
Cast: Nina Rakova, Alexey Parasich, Artur Kosenkov, Michal Podgorodetzky
Composer: Nikolai Kashevnik
Sound design: Pavel Smolin
VFX: Kseniya Sapogova
Original version: Catalan
Spanish translation: La Correccional
English translation: Elaine Fradley


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29 March 2022