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Pol Guasch and Noémi Varga

It’s a party. And you’re dancing, with your retinas burning, because a party is a different kind of time, with no past, present, or future; time as a mass, a light, a heartbeat, and their arms getting lost in your arms. With a burning tongue and with their eyes, that have made you see how the universe is full of names you don’t know, and it is with them that the world is made and remade at every moment.

A film by: Noémi Varga
Text and voice: Pol Guasch
With: Fillo Deportaberta and Sonora
Production: Company Pundersons Gardens
Executive Producer: Tom Viney
Producer: Rosa Galvin
Cinematography: Anna Gudbrands
1st AC: Julian Lalinde
Gaffer: Edward Heredia
Music by: Anna Makay (MA'AM)
Colourist: John O'Riordan at Pundersons Gardens
Super 8 Lab: On8mil
Original version: Catalan
Spanish translation: La Correccional
English translation: Elaine Fradley


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29 March 2022