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Míriam Hatibi

Activist and communication consultant

Míriam Hatibi is an activist and communication consultant at the company Sibilare. She is the Barcelona-born daughter of Moroccan parents. In 2015 she graduated in International Business and Economics (UPF) and went on to take a master’s degree in Internationalization at the UB.

She is the author of a short essay on identity and inclusion entitled Mírame a los ojos (Plaza Janes, 2018) and the children’s book Leila (Timun Mas, 2018), jointly with Mariam Ben-Arab. For some years, she has dedicated part of her time to anti-racist and feminist activism, with particular emphasis on the power of communication to bring about social change. She participates in radio and television programs, calling for a more plural vision of society that reflects the realities we see on the streets.

Update: 20 April 2021



Míriam Hatibi, Youssef Ben Iazza, Miquel Missé, Tanit Plana and Manal Zardouk

Ideas to resist

Víctor Recort, Berta Gómez Santo Tomás, Albert Lloreta, João França, Joana Moll, Tania Adam, Lucas Ramada Prieto, Toni Navarro, Míriam Hatibi


Has participated in

Bivac. Encounter under the Elements

With Míriam Hatibi, Bittah, Carme Arcarazo, Gemma Ferreón, Yaiza Berrocal, Cristina Daura, Elisa Levi, Meryem El Mehdati, Personaje Personaje, Oyirum and Març Llinàs


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