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Mamadou Tafsir Diallo

Mamadou Tafsir Diallo has 22 years old and was born in Guinea Conakry but he lives in Les Corts (Barcelona). COVID allowing, he works as a waiter. He completed secondary studies in his home country, and here he has studied computer science and telecommunications. He would like to study computer systems engineering at university. If he could, he’d just keep on studying—he's interested in a lot of things. He’d like to help people who need it; he knows he won’t change the world, but he’d like to change the part that’s within his reach,

Update: 22 April 2021



Mamadou Tafsir Diallo, Blanca Haddad, Omar Oudaay, Tanit Plana and Martí Sales


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Conversation and reading to tie in with the book "Journey to Mars"

Journey to Mars

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