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Blanca Llum Vidal

Catalan Filologist and writer

Blanca Llum Vidal (1986) was born in La Barceloneta and now lives in La Vall de Moc in Collserola. She studied Social Work and Catalan Philology, and has a master’s degree in Contemporary Thought (with a dissertation on the meeting between the thought of Blanchot and Lévinas).

Jointly with Arnau Pons she translated El dolor by Marguerite Duras. She has edited the poetry of Àngel Guimerà, Mercè Rodoreda’s letters from exile to Anna Murià, and the short stories of Víctor Català. She was responsible for the feminist anthology of essays by Maria Aurèlia Capmany. She has published La cabra que hi haviaNosaltres i tu, Homes i ocells, Visca!, Punyetera flor, Maripasoula (chronicle of a journey to French Guyana), Aquest amor que no és u / Este amor que no es uno (translated by Berta García Faet) and Amor a la brega. She writes regularly for the culture and political magazine El Temps. 

Update: 20 April 2021



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