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Magnum 10 sequences

How Cinema inspires Photographers

Digital — n. 08

Could the cinema ever be what inspires the photographer in capturing what is real? How does cinema infiltrate the photographer’s imagination? How far do photographers project their dreams, fantasies and obsessions onto the world?

Ten photographers of Magnum Photos from several generations, who represent different trends in documentary photography reveal to us how a particular producer, film or scene left an imprint on the labyrinth of their psyche, and how that imprint in turn marked their own work, as they took on board the legacy of another view, or even better, vindicated it.

Catalan and Spanish translation of the texts of the original catalogue The Image to come. How Cinema inspires Photographers / L´image d´après. Le cinéma dans l´imaginaire de la photographie (Steidl 2007 - ISBN 978-3-8521-396-9 / 978-3-8521-438-6)


Authors: Matthieu Orléan, Olivier Assayas, Patrick Zachmann, Donovan Wylie, Alec Soth, Mark Power, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Gilles Peress, Harry Gruyaert, Bruce Gilden, Antoine d'Agata, Diane Dufour, Serge Toubiana, Alain Bergala

Publication year: 2008


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