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José Luis de Vicente

Curator and cultural researcher. He researches the current and future impact of social and technological innovation through artifacts, objects, and narratives that explore emerging social and political scenarios. His projects are strongly anti disciplinarian, creating contexts of collaboration and dialogue between artists, designers, architects, technologists, scientists, activists, and communities.

He is the curator of Sónar +D, the congress of digital culture and technologies of the Sónar Festival of Barcelona. He was cofounder and codirector of Tentacular, a new festival of Critical Technologies and Digital Adventures in Matadero (Madrid), and is member of the programming team of Llum BCN, the light festival of Barcelona. He has curated several exhibitions, in and outside of Spain, such as “Big Bang Data” and “After the End of the World” (both at the CCCB), “Atmospheric Memory” (Manchester International Festival), “Máquinas y Almas” (Museo Reina Sofia Madrid), “Playtime: Game Mithologies” (Maison D’Ailleurs, Suiza), and others. He teaches at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya (IaaC).

Update: 28 May 2020



Has participated in

A Thousand Sibyls

Maria Arnal, José Luis de Vicente and Eduard Escoffet with Marta Mathéu


Kim Stanley Robinson

Mary Flanagan and José Luis de Vicente

New Perspectives on Digital Leisure

Lecture by Aubrey Anable

Playing with Feelings

Artists Talk

A journey beyond the end of the world

Climate, culture, change

Activity programme and prize award presentation ceremony of the 2nd Cultural Innovation International Prize 2016-2017

Social Insects: Common Learning and Pollination for Change

Event about art, science and technology projects.

The State of Surveillance

Technology and social control in the “smart city”


I+C+i. Performative conferences

With Bruno Giussani and José Luis de Vicente

The Invisible Conquest:

a Social and Cultural History of Hertzian Space

3rd session I+C+i. Atlas Ilustrado de Sistemas Operativos Culturales

José Luis de Vicente and Óscar Abril

After the End of the World

Big Bang Data