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I+C+i. Performative conferences

With Bruno Giussani and José Luis de Vicente






Whether we call it a conference, presentation or talk, the format based on an exposition of ideas to a public is more alive than ever today. The spectacularly burgeoning numbers of festivals, symposiums and workshops and their use in academic and corporate milieus have turned this format into an act of everyday communication. Yet the conference is changing, with the possibilities of different kinds of software making it an increasingly performative and theatrical act. Concepts such as the unconference attempt to turn the old model on its head while, in recent years, internet video has opened the door to converting the public talk into a product of mass cultural consumption, as easy to distribute as a song or video clip.

José Luis de Vicente, will offer a wide-ranging perspective on this new trend and Bruno Giussani will explain the TED project.

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I+C+i. Performative conferences

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