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Each Layer of the Atmosphere | 4. Starting Over Again

Podcast by Maria Arnal and José Luis de Vicente

On how to create a new world out of vulnerability and interdependence and the power of creating new myths and stories to rouse us from our slumber and spur us on to intermesh and forge new ties with other lifeforms on the planet. With philosopher Timothy Morton and master organist Albert Blancafort. Recorded in the organ hall at Palau Güell and at the well in the cloister at the Monestir de Pedralbes.

Each Layer of the Atmosphere is a series of four chapters in which artist Maria Arnal and curator José Luis de Vicente embark on a thrilling journey through the sounds of the Anthropocene, taking in natural spaces, heritage sites, industrial architecture, laboratories and research centres. They will be joined on the way by philosophers, scientists, musicians, naturalists and researchers from a range of different fields, from astrophysics and bioacoustics to artificial intelligence and apiculture.

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4 October 2022