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NOW 2010




The cultural platform Zzzinc will present their project #masacritica, with the writer Philip Ball as a guest


#masacritica is a collective research study developed by Zzzinc, which focuses on the evolution of the mass from a historic, social, anthropological and scientific point of view. We have evolved from the idea of a gregarious being to an interconnected collective brain with self-organizing capabilities, and this fact has allowed for the visibility of collective processes and practices which can be analyzed in an interdisciplinary way. NOW will hold the project's presentation, which will count on the presence of the British writer Philip Ball, who in his turn will explore the intersections between physics, complexity and social sciences and will cover different social phenomena from physical and mathematical models.

Participants: Zzzinc, Philip Ball, José Luis de Vicente, YProductions

This activity is part of NOW. March 2010, NOW 2010

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