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New Audiences (Deconstructible!)

Soy Cámara online

This chapter of Soy Cámara is set within the context of the awarding of the Cultural Innovation International Prize 2015 and is dedicated to the evolution of the concept “audience”, with the accent on what has been called “new audiences”.

The concept of “audience” has evolved greatly over the course of time becoming, today, the philosopher’s stone of cultural and media production. In this new context of abundance, where the prosumer has overtaken the passive spectator before the museum hall, cinema or home and in which everyone carries around small devices for the production, editing and distribution of stories, new questions emerge. What difference is there between the public, the crowd, the audience and the user? Is participation a myth in the hands of the market or does it present new opportunities in the production of forms and messages? The programme illustrates all these changes based on interviews made for the Cultural Innovation International Prize and puts on the table the new possibilities and risks involved in the fact that society has become an audience.

Duration: 26’38”
Directing and script Andrés Hispano, Félix Pérez-Hita
Documentation, production: Ingrid Guardiola


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27 May 2016