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After the End of the World

Artists Talk

A journey beyond the end of the world


The creators who have given form to the exhibition "After the End of the World" come together to construct a joint narration with eight voices. Taking as a starting point their projects for the exhibition, the participants share their research in areas such as artistic practices, architecture and speculative design, contemporary philosophy, and participatory theatre.

Presented by the exhibition’s curator, José Luis de Vicente, this activity is designed as a journey in three acts to the landscapes of the Anthropocene planet with images and stories, and speculates on escape routes to the various possible futures beyond climate crisis.


18:30. Prologue

Video - Kim Stanley Robinson: Think of Yourself as a Planet

Welcome - José Luis de Vicente

18:45. Act one

Benjamin Grant (Daily Overview): The Earth’s new skin

Liam Young + Kate Davies (Unknown Fields Division): Journeys to the centre of the Anthropocene

Charles Lim: Chronicles from the climate change front: the earth formation of Singapore

19:45. Act two

Rimini Protokoll: Documentary theatre as a strategy for change. A conversation about empathy, trauma and the leap into action

20:00. Act three

Anab Jain (Superflux): Why do we need to imagine different futures? In this presentation, Superflux, one of the world’s leading design studies devoted to creating speculative narratives, explores the framework of the climate crisis as a crisis of the imagination.

Natalie Jeremijenko: A mutualistic utopia for cities. Presented by Josep Perelló, curator of “City Station”, the participatory project carried out in public space in Barcelona by the artist.

20:45. Epilogue

Timothy Morton: some closing words about solidarity with the non-humans and humans of 2100.

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After the End of the World

An exhibition about the present and the future of the climate crisis

The exhibition "After the end of the world" tackles one of the most complex challenges in the history of humanity: the present and future of the climate crisis. The project presents eight immersive installations designed by outstanding contemporary creators. 

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