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There Is No Way

Soy Cámara online

Walking is a form of knowledge, a way of exploring the possibilities and limits of the environment through the body. In the process of humanization, bipedalism symbolically marked the birth of the human species and walking has been an essential activity in the development and life of people ever since. But urbanization and the privatization of natural space make it difficult to walk freely, as do the imperatives of performance, optimization and productivity. “No hay camino” (There Is No Way) reviews some of the anthropological, social and philosophical meanings of walking, and highlights the resistance to this practice today. The visual narration pieces together video and film references and, in particular, the visual documentation of artworks that see the act of walking as an artistic practice.

Direction, screenplay and editing: Albert Alcoz and Alexandra Laudo
Voiceover: Alexandra Laudo
CCCB Production: Víctor Diago
Main language: Spanish
Other languages: English, French, Catalan.
Subtitles: Spanish

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3 July 2020