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What to Expect When You Are Waiting?

Soy Cámara online

Waiting catalyses many of our life experiences. We wait for the hours to pass so we can go home, we wait for the weekend or holidays to arrive… We surround ourselves with short waits (the train, the traffic lights, the microwave) and we sink into longer waits (a lover’s return, a message, a child, a journey).
This episode of Soy Cámara highlights the waits that envelop us, an endangered territory when screens offer escape from not-doing, a space of unproductive productivity that, at the same time, connects profoundly with our human existence. What is living, if not, like the characters in Godot, waiting, even when you know that what you’re waiting for might not arrive?

Direction, screenplay and editing: Maria Castan and Víctor Diago
Production: Álvaro Feldman and Víctor Diago
Documentation assistant: Álvaro Feldman
Language: Spanish and Catalan

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22 May 2020