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Ghosts & Viruses

Soy Cámara online

What was intended to be a tribute to hands has turned into a reflection on the virus and a global crisis that has resurrected old ghosts. We lay people bring a more magical mindset to the things of science than we think. In advanced societies, the fears and ideas of guilt and punishment of some religions are still with us today. It is not easy to kill an age-old God; it is not easy to be an atheist. It has been said that football and rock music function like religions, with their idols and mass cults, but science also has its saints, among whom we remember Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, who discovered and fought against something that, like spirits, is not visible to the naked eye. There was some confusion between science, magic and spectacle long before the invention of the cinematograph. We ask ourselves, not forgetting the unexpected protagonism of hands, to what extent reality and fiction intermingle in our experience of a virus which, in a short space of time, has changed many things.

Screenplay, direction and editing: Félix Pérez-Hita
Production: Víctor Diago
Language: Spanish
Duration: 25 min.

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1 May 2020