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The Global Disco: Technology and Surveillance

Soy Cámara online

George Orwell alerted us to the dangers of totalitarian technology under the sinister slogan: "Big Brother is watching you." Orwell sets the story in 1984, a decade that made digital technology a proving ground for innovation and connected digital technology. It was what Nam June Paik called "the global disco." The Internet and artificial intelligence that were developed at that time were intended to facilitate knowledge and the exchange of ideas. Some of its philanthropic, creative, exciting and welfare nature still remains, but above all these technologies have become tools for mass surveillance. How does this surveillance system that has put our entire nervous system on the market work? Experts like Edward Snowden or Professor Shoshana Zuboff share this with us.

Direction and screenplay: Ingrid Guardiola
Editing: Ingrid Guardiola, M.A. Blanca

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8 July 2020