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The New Normality

Soy Cámara online

The COVID-19 pandemic has tabled what Alexander Kluge refers to as time for the executive: the recentralization of the nation state in debate and public action. Further, the general situation of confinement has shaken the social contract. Now, with the government announcing the advent of a new normality, this episode of Soy Cámara reflects, with the help of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, on the role of the state and of the people faced with a crisis like the current situation. Taking part in the episode are Creative Documentary students on the Cultural Communication degree at the UdG with a rereading of The Social Contract (1762), Rousseau’s unfinished work, laced with footage of official political appearances and home videos posted on social networks during lockdown, two audiovisual sources of invaluable ethnographic value.

Direction, screenplay: Ingrid Guardiola
Editing: M.A. Blanca, Ingrid Guardiola
Production: Álvaro Feldman, Víctor Diago

Authors: Ingrid Guardiola

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8 May 2020