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Place Your Bets (Hagan juego)

Soy Cámara online

As an impulse prior to the existence of culture and, therefore, predating even the human, play runs through all aspects of the real, encouraging constant learning but perhaps also preparing us for a future defined in virtuality. In this episode of Soy Cámara, linked to the exhibition "Gameplay. Video Game Culture", artists and experts such as Jerome Nguyen, Oliver Pérez, Mary Flanagan, Roc Herms, Anita Sarkeesian, Paolo Pedercini and Miguel Sicart, reflect on a phenomenon rooted in instinct that has turned us into prosumers and avatars, inviting us to deprogram economic, social and gender codes within a hybrid present in which our time is divided between the two sides of the screen. A visual essay transmuted into a video game, in which the words of Alan Moore alternate with Super Mario and Buster Keaton’s chases, and the demanding phases of coming out of pandemic lockdown.

Script and directing: Jordi Costa
Editing: Toni Curcó
Production: Víctor Diago and Àngela Martinez

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5 June 2020