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Soy Cámara #32. The artist in their studio

The CCCB’s Programme

The programme visits several studios to talk about the relation between creators and their places of work, from the 19th-workshop full of objects to the creative factory, to the studio as clinical space and even no studio at all. This relation is used as the starting point to review the myth of the artist, in permanent crisis but still affected by laughable clichés. Xcèntric’s «The cinema thinks about art» cycle, dedicated to the filming of the artist, illustrates the programme with key creators from the 20th century, complemented with contemporary artists such as Dora García, Francesc Subarroca and Ester Xargay. We also interview Gonzalo de Lucas, curator of the film cycle and programmer of Xcèntric, the CCCB’s cinema.

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7 December 2013