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Ester Xargay

A graduate in History of Art from the Universidad de Barcelona, she is also a writer and video producer.

She has published several books of poetry: Els àngels soterrats (1990); Volts en el temps (1997); Trenca-sons (2002); Salflorvatge (2005)... Together with Carles Hac Mor she has produced several translations, and has written several books such as Un pedrís de mil estones (1993); Epítom infra nu o no (1997); Amor lliure, ús i abús (2001), and has produced the DVD-ROM Sextina al microscopi (2003). She also co-produced the CD-ROM Paraparèmies, desplaçaments, cosificacions... (awarded the Premio de Creación Audiovisual de Navarra, 1999) and several video poems and documentaries for Barcelona Televisió, one of which was awarded the Premi Espais a la Crítica d'Art, 2000.

She is a contributor to the daily newspaper Avui and to magazines such as Papers d'Art, Transversal, The Barcelona Review, Corner and others. She is currently writing about the expansion of art: interdisciplinariness, attitudes, procedures and dissolution of genres.