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Gonzalo de Lucas

Programmer, filmmaker, teacher and film critic. Lecturer in Documentaries, Contemporary Film and Editing at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Member of the editorial board of Cahiers du cinéma (Spain) and contributor to the “Cultura/s” supplement of La Vanguardia. He has published Vida secreta de las sombras (2001) and El blanco de los orígenes (2008), and articles in some 20 books. His films include two shorts, Carta de Franz Kafka a Felice Bauer, 14 de noviembre de 1912 (Premi Documenta 07 award) and Sobreimpresiones (2008).

Update: 5 July 2018



Xcèntric Cinema

Conversations on the creative process and the filmic vision

Has participated in

Laboratories of fiction

Literature, art and philosophy in images

The Art of Vision. Filmmakers Research Images

Aula Xcèntric 2015

I+C+i // Pasolini at the Lab

Aula Xcèntric'10

Thinking art from cinema

Xcèntric's Programme June 2008