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Mircea Cărtărescu, Dostopos and Artur Tort

What is poetry’s way of existing in the world? It isn’t in verses but rather in the fact of parting with the will, effort, the ego, and consciousness. Small aimless and inadvertent gestures can lead to sparks of poetry, a state of grace that surpasses any form of knowledge.

Directed by: Dostopos (Ariadna Ribas, Ana Pfaff) and Artur Tort
Text and voice: Mircea Cărtărescu
Image: Artur Tort
Editing and compositions: Ariadna Ribas
Live sound: Jordi Ribas
Sound design: Jordi Ribas, Ildefons Alonso
Original version: Romanian
Catalan and Spanish translation: Xavier Montoliu
English translation: Julie Wark / Xavier Montoliu

Collaborators: Edicions del Periscopi, Lleonard Muntaner, Impedimenta.

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20 September 2020