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Mircea Cărtărescu

Poet, novelist and essayist

Mircea Cărtărescu (Bucharest, 1956) is a poet, novelist, journalist and literary critic. Perhaps Romania’s most celebrated living writer, he has won practically all of the country’s major literary prizes and a number of international prizes, including the 2012 Berlin Prize for Literature and the 2016 Premio Gregor von Rezzori. Known for its energetic prose and careful attention to detail, his work depicts the entropic sprawl of contemporary European life and the yearning for empathy at the heart of the human condition. Among his books available in English are Nostalgia (New Directions, 2005), Why We Love Women (University of Plymouth Press, 2011) and Blinding (Archipelago, 2013).

Update: 23 January 2017


Has participated in

Europe in My Mind

Lecture by Mircea Cărtărescu