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Cultural Innovation International Prize


First edition 2014-2015

The Cultural Innovation International Prize is a biennial competition announced by the CCCB, coinciding with the 20th anniversary. The aim is to stimulate innovation in the field of culture, recognise the importance of research as an integral part of projects and explore the possible cultural scenarios of coming years.

To take part in the Prize, submit a project that has not previously been presented for the creation, production or presentation of contents, whose format or form of management provides an innovative response to a specific key issue for each competition. For this first competition, corresponding to 2014-2015, the theme is «Audience/s»:

What do we understand today by audience/s at cultural centres, museums and similar spaces? What is the meaning of this concept at a time when the borders between physical and virtual space are being diluted, intermixed or blurred? What are the real needs of these new audiences? Do centres and museums satisfy them? What innovations could they introduce in order to fulfil their mission? What changes are necessary in order to meet the challenge of audience/s over the coming years?

The author or authors of the winning project receive a prize of 10.000 euros. If appropriate, the project can also be developed at the CCCB, which will provide the necessary support.

The submitted projects are assessed by an expert committee and an international jury made up of specialists in the subject in question. In this first edition, the jury is composed of Conxa RodàMarcos GarcíaNina SimonMark Miller, Johan Moerman i Juan Insua.

Rules 2014-15 (PDF)



The members of the Jury have decided to award the 2014-2015 Cultural Innovation International Prize ex aequo to the projects CulTime and Esdevenir Públic

With this decision, the Jury emphasises the fact that the theme audience/s, is a broad and complex concept that was approached from various fields and points of view. Accordingly, the Prize is awarded jointly to a project that engages directly with audiences and another that challenges the impact that institutions have on audiences.


Christine Burger, Eleonora Cantini and Paloma Mateos González (Switzerland, Italy and Spain)

CulTime is a social media network that allows users to participate in time-sharing for cultural engagement. Time exchange is at the heart of the project: each user puts forth an idea for a cultural activity that they would like to do in the company of others. 

By using CulTime, each cultural activity becomes a shared experience and an opportunity to try new things. This tool for active audience engagement in cultural institutions is mainly targeted a young audience demographic (age 19-35), which is often underrepresented in cultural institutions. As part of this generation, we believe that approaching these age groups by means of social media is a way of promoting access and participation. 

Oriol Fontdevila (Spain)

Esdevenir públic ("Becoming Public") is conceived as an experiment that revolves around publics, but above all around the public mission of the museum. A museum becomes public when the audience or general public starts to produce it, becoming one of its mediators, and helping to shape its policies.

It is a project in which series of organisations from civil society, the art world, and the educational sphere work on a collaborative research and curating process that questions the museum institution and rethinks its potentialities by means of different interventions. 

This activity is part of Cultural Innovation International Prize

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