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Carme Puche Moré

I wonder if the city has changed as much as I have after having two children. Today it seems to me like a city split in two. The interior and exterior. Inside, a blurred, chaotic motherhood revealed to me through the videos made by my children. Outside, my own inverted camera; a personal, impersonal, anonymous
space I need to rediscover. I used to walk around, take photos, lose myself in its streets; I had time. Not now.

I contemplate the urban nature and sun that strikes any surface beautifully. I contemplate. And I wonder if, behind those windows, there are other mothers in search of themselves. And I go out again, at last. I don’t recognise myself but I go out again.

Minshara, like that planet where life has to be possible. For a long time everything seemed dark to me, as if the camera’s shutter had jammed and couldn’t give me any image. But everything is dark until we turn on the first light. And then, little by little, everything becomes easier. I have both of them in front of me; they grab the cameras and play.

Minshara / Spain / 2022 / 20’46’’ / HD / Original version: Catalan – Subtitles: Spanish, English
Direction, script and editing: Carme Puche Moré
Camera operators: Isaac Puche Rabascall i Samuel Puche Rabascall
Script advisor: Laia Manresa
Voice coach: Mar Pawlowsky
Production: Àngela Martínez
Sound design: Jordi Rabascall Madrid
Color: Sergio Álvarez-Napagao
Voice recording: Onda Estudio
Sound mix: Adrià Mateu i Moonlight Cinema

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18 April 2022