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Carme Puche Moré

Director and scriptwriter

A director and scriptwriter, she worked in journalism and communication for over fifteen years before devoting herself to audiovisual production. Her career as a filmmaker began with Camille (Best Script New Screenwriter, Sitges Film Festival 2011) and, in the field of fiction, she's explored the world of fantasy, horror and interior monologues in films such as Ferrying Fee, written by Erin Donovan, La benvinguda (selected at international festivals) and Les plomes (First Prize at La mida no importa 2022). In 2014 she premiered her feature-length documentary The Jump! at the IN-EDIT Film Festival. She's currently working on her second documentary Totes les mares del món, about female lineage and emotional legacy. With two children, she's a feminist activist and vice-president of Dones Visuals.

She writes and directs Minshara, selected for the City Symphonies project and produced by the CCCB in collaboration with Dones Visuals, which premieres at D’A Film Festival 2022.


Has participated in

Summer screenings

City Symphonies

Seven cinematic views of Barcelona

Presentation of "City Symphonies" at the Biennal de Pensament

Premiere of "City Symphonies" 2022

At D'A - Barcelona Film Festival

The Legacy of Lynn Margulis

Conversation with Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ricard Guerrero and Carme Puche