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Eva Murgui

Felisa has just turned 18. She longs to have a job and a true friend but disappointment seems to be the driving force behind her new life in La Satélite. A place that aspires to be a large city but is redolent of a small town. Writing is the refuge sought by others in the concrete squares. All that’s left for her is to go dancing at the club. She enjoys it, although it makes her feel uncomfortable having to kiss so many people when she arrives.

A visual diary, intimate and timeless, like a sidelong glance at the world, offered from the margins.

Satélites / Satèl·lits (Satellites) / Spain / 2022 / 12’28’’ / HD / Original versions: Spanish, Catalan, English

Script and direction: Eva Murgui
Editing: Aleix Fernández

Authors: Eva Murgui

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18 April 2022