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La Selva. Ecosistema Creatiu

We see the city as an alien place that impels us to keep our distance but at the same time entraps us. We’re four creators from different backgrounds (Colombia, Costa Rica, Galicia and a town in the Maresme region of Catalonia) who explore this relationship of alienation or being uprooted from the city through our own bodies, constantly affected by the contradiction between remaining and returning.

How can we live within the fiction of a beautiful but barely inhabitable model? How can we build our own country in a country that is not our own? Are our bodies the only place where we can put down roots? We explore the artifice represented by the city whilst also exploring the intimate reasons for us remaining there.

An experimental piece that incorporates our vision of territory, uprootedness and the body.

Disonar / Spain / 2022 / 12’16’’ / Super-8/4K / Original version: Spanish – Subtitles: English
Authors: Jana Montllor Blanes, Liliana Díaz Castillo, Lucía Dapena González and Melisa Ramírez Estremadoyro.

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18 April 2022