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Beatriz Pérez Martín

If the city is constructed by people and people are constructed by emotions, what places in the metropolis are reserved for our most human part? Do these places actually exist?

Amalgama is the need to return to our origins to rediscover our centre.

Amalgama is the transition between reason and emotion, the centre and the periphery, the boundaries and the paths to be discovered. It’s striking a balance within the extremes.

Amalgama is that nuance between black and white; it’s the noise that becomes music, it’s a movement when everything is still.

Amalgama is the contradiction of living between what we are and what’s expected of us, and how this contradiction becomes an emotional journey towards acceptance.

Amalgama / Spain / 2022 / 19'11" / HD / Original version: Spanish – Subtitles: English
Original idea and direction: Beatriz Pérez Martín (Biivisual)

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18 April 2022